Accounts Receivable/Payable Management

Managing working capital and maintaining cash flow are vital for small business accounting for meeting liquidity needs. Accounts receivable technology advancements have expanded the options for processing these day-to-day transactions quickly and accurately.

At CMG, we utilize innovative processes and unique methodologies combined with the latest accounting software systems for processing day-to-day transactions in a quick turnaround time. Simple or complex, we have every resource to assist you.

Bank Reconciliation

Businesses make deposits and receive numerous receipts from their clients on a regular basis. Bank reconciliation is a highly complicated and time consuming process.

Reconciling your bank account statement is an absolute necessity even if it is a costly and time consuming task. We can help you to resolve preventable discrepancies in your bank statement by performing complicated processes such as sorting various transactions by type or date, deducting errors or by adding deposits in transit.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing functions such as staff wage calculation and payroll error corrections in accordance with the current tax laws is very important for large and small business. By providing superior quality payroll processing services we support the payroll requirements of your business. We take maximum effort to keep ourselves updated with the constantly changing tax laws, payroll processing software and technologies.

Financial Statement Preparation

Constant changes in financial accounting standards make financial statement preparation, analysis and footnote disclosure preparation a highly technical and time consuming task. We provide well-organized financial statement analysis and preparation to ensure that your small business accounting operation is efficient and successful. Our aim is to prepare financial statements for our clients to make their business processes easier and to make their business advantageous. We utilize a wide range of the latest financial statement preparation software and applications such as QuickBooks to ensure that your financial statements are free from errors.

Our highly skilled staff will help you record and track past events, and help you plan for the future.